Journalize is your own personal online journal. Write about the important events in your life. Personalize your entries with the markup editor. Add a cover picture of your choosing. Have the option of sharing your entry on social media.
Django, JavaScript, Python


Having a hard time sticking to a budget? Worry no more, BudgetBoss is here at you service! BudgetBoss helps you create a budget (or multiple budgets) based on your needs and wants. You can keep track of your spending, create lists of items you need/want, export lists, set goals and more!
Django, Angular, PostgreSQL


Keep track of your favorite NBA players. Get up to date stats, compare players, custom alerts on players, latest news, and more using stat-watch. P.S. this is a great tool for fantasy basketball.
Flask, JavaScript, Python, Celery


Python API wrapper for the bike share service. Making it easy for users to access data and/or build services ontop of the API.


Search for comments or users who commented on a photo fast and efficiently. Cuts out all the hassle of manually searching through the comments section for a comment.
JavaScript, Chrome Dev Extensions

nba sentiment

Get a feel for what people a talking about on social media related to the NBA. Real time tweets with a sentiment attached.
Flask, JavaScript, Python